Relay Control with Omnimeter v4

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Relay Control with Omnimeter v4

Post by JensClausen » Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:20 am

Hi Jameson,

Is it possible to control the relay function of the Omnimeter through the EKMDash in such a way that:
1. Switching on or off the relay at different time zones
2. Switching on or off the relay when a peak or maximum demand has been reached (Level set through Dash per meter)
3. Scenario: 150 meters connected inline. Each meter measures electricity usage and each meter has 1 relay function to switch on and off 1 appliance (ie. boiler)
The power is cut through a power failure. After 1 hour power is restored resulting in all 150 boilers switching on at the same time, resulting in a sudden max peak demand.
This max peak demand is than used to charge the client.

Can you modify the Dash in such a way that we can through grouping the 150 units in soft starting the boilers. That is if a power failure is detected, the omnimeter
switches all relay controlled appliances off and than switches the groups time delayed on.



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Re: Relay Control with Omnimeter v4

Post by Jameson » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:01 am

Hello Jens,

Thank you very much for these ideas. I would say that these are exactly the kind of features that we are looking to implement in the future, but we do not have them right now. All we have in the Dash so far as control is concerned is ON, OFF, ON for 1 to 9999 seconds, and OFF for 1 to 9999 seconds for each relay control.

The combination of metering and control offers extremely powerful CONTROL over your systems.

We are moving in the direction of having the Dash react to various scenarios. Turn off a relay or send an email when the watts are above a given threshold for example. These features are a few steps out in our EKM Dash roadmap.

I also like your "soft start" idea. I can certainly see how the scenario you have given would result in massive penalty charges from your utility for high Max Demand. I will give some thought as to how to best implement this.

Of course we also offer the v.4 meter communication protocol at the bottom of the page here:

if you would like to implement these ideas with your own software solution.

Keep the ideas coming! Event triggers is something we are very much looking forward to.


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