Motor FLC and Startup Peak

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Motor FLC and Startup Peak

Post by Dysfunctionx » Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:19 pm

I was wondering if any of your products could capture minimums and maximums so I could capture my 240V well pump's locked rotor current, and FLC.
I understand that if I have to use cumulative figures I could measure kwh consumption over an hour period, but having the startup peak would be extremely helpful for sizing other components.

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Re: Motor FLC and Startup Peak

Post by Jameson » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:02 pm

Any of our Omnimeters may be useful for you. If you are OK with once per second granularity of amps on each line, watts on each line, and total watts, then any of our Omnimeters will work for you.

I would at least get an Omnimeter (with the required CTs for your installation), a paid copy of the EKM Dash, and a USB converter. You can setup your copy of the EKM Dash to poll your meter as fast as once per second, you can then look for the startup spikes in current and watts (as well as see if you have voltage sags or power factor issues).

You can then export this data to a spreadsheet to look for Max and Min values as well as plot the results.

Does this seem like the data you would need?

Here is a link to our Omnimeters: ... cally.html

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