Problem with the pulse count omnimeter V.4

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Problem with the pulse count omnimeter V.4

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hello good afternoon, ladies, I have a omnimeter v.4 which is connected with 220 vol, the face is connected to pin 7 and the neutral pin 10 and connected to a gas meter tgm.75 211fth ekm-hour that gas is consumed, the polarity is indicated on the screens 29, 30 and 31 did not record any pulse count, could please help me, thank you very much
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Re: Problem with the pulse count omnimeter V.4

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Hello Victor! Welcome to the forum.

The first thing to check is to see if your v.4 meter is still set to a Pulse Input Ratio of 1000:1. If this is the case it will take 1000 pulses from your gas meter to increment the v.4 register by 1. In a lot of cases we recommend setting your Pulse Input Ratio to 1:1. Do you have a RS485 to USB converter or an iSerial so that you can make this change?

Here is a screenshot from my EKM Dash that shows Pulse Input 1 and Pulse Input 2 set to 1:1. It shows Pulse Input 3 set to 1000:1
Screenshot 2014-07-08 13.16.45.png
Screenshot 2014-07-08 13.16.45.png (48.17 KiB) Viewed 6807 times
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