Meter installation regulations?

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Meter installation regulations?

Post by SammyQ »


I would like to set up a remote gas meter system but I'm not sure what kind of restrictions there might be around the process.

Do I need to speak with my utility company first? Is this sort of thing typically allowed?

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Re: Meter installation regulations?

Post by Jameson »

Hello SammyQ, welcome to the forum.

We sell quite a lot of these gas meters to Australia (be aware that the pipe threads are 3/4" NPT, so you will have to adapt to fit your metric size pipe). You may want to check with your local building officials to see if they have any issues, but I would not think your utility needs to be involved. Once the gas goes through your utility meter, it is really out of their hands. You should be able to submeter your gas without stepping on the toes of your utility.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
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