G4 Pulse Meter with Arduino, incorrect 'pulse count'

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G4 Pulse Meter with Arduino, incorrect 'pulse count'

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We have a G4 pulse meter which we have connected to our Arduino controller for remote monitoring. We do not want to use a EKM or other counting product.

We have one wire of the G4 meter connected to ground on the Arduino with the other wire connected to a digital 5v input on the Arduino. Per attached, our understanding is that this G4 meter does NOT require power and that one 'pulse' is equivalent to one 'cubic foot' of natural gas consumption.

Our problem relates to the number of pulses we are recording versus the consumption being visually observed on the G4 Meter 'odometer'. Over four days of consumption we visually observed on the meter's odometer 1,752 cu/ft of natural gas consumption (expected norm) versus our Arduino system recording 108 pulses (not expected - should be 1:1 for each cu/ft of NG) of consumption.

Hopefully someone will have a simple explanation/solution - thanks in advance!

G4 meter specs.jpg
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Re: G4 Pulse Meter with Arduino, incorrect 'pulse count'

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Hello Jai,

It sounds like either your device is not properly counting pulses, or you are reading the face of your gas meter incorrectly. Will you post photos of the face of your meter here?

Will you also use a multimeter continuity tester (the kind that beeps when you connect the probes together) in conjunction with your pulse counting Arduino, to see if you get the same number of pulses from the multimeter and the Arduino?
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