Can't get data from meter

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Can't get data from meter

Post by daylef »


I have a -23EDS-N v.2 which has stopped sending data. It was connected to an iSerial and worked fine until this problem. I changed to a USB - RS485 converter which I used previously but I get the same result. I guess it's looking like the meter itself. Any suggestions?

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Re: Can't get data from meter

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Hello Dayle,

Wow a 23EDS-N v.2, thats one of our originals, an oldie but (mostly) goodie.

Can you post a screenshot of your setup in your software? Im not even sure the EKM Dash software can read that meter, are you using the older EKM Reader? Just out of curiosity, what year did you purchase that meter?

I hope we can get to the bottom of this, but to be honest I dont even have a 23EDS-N v.2 to test and compare with here. :?
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