Scheduled Reports run without DASH running

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Scheduled Reports run without DASH running

Post by frazicl » Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:55 pm

I'm running v.4 meter with DASH. I was trying to figure out why my scheduled reports weren't running overnight. It finally dawned on me that they ran fine if I kept DASH active. I should've realized it earlier that I'm not running any sort of agent to do that, but guess secretly was hoping that some scheduler was being set in the Meter itself running and kicking off schedules. I'm assuming the triggers are the same way, but haven't tried them. Maybe it's my configuration, but if it's true, can I request it on the wishlist to setup scheduled reports on DASH and be able to close it down, knowing they will run as scheduled? Probably works fine for PUSH. THanks!

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Re: Scheduled Reports run without DASH running

Post by Jameson » Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:03 am

Hello Frazicl,

Welcome to the forum.

Yes, unfortunately in order for the Dash software to read meters, generate reports, or fire triggers; it does need to be running to do any of these operations. It would be great if that were not the case.

Without your computer running the Dash, the meter would not know to respond to meter requests. Without meter data you would not have the data to make reports or fire the triggers.

Some have gotten around this by writing software for a small lower power computer like the raspberry pi. But unfortunately our EKM Dash software will not run on the raspberry pi.

Somewhere way off in the future, all of this will happen via the EKM Push system, so that you do not need to be running your computer all the time. The EKM Push will provide meter data (does now), triggers (someday), and reports (already do this to some extent via and wattvision), among other services.

Hope this helps.

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