How long can wires be on ct

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How long can wires be on ct

Post by John34 »

Can ct wires Be forty foot long if I use number 12 wire
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Re: How long can wires be on ct

Post by Jameson »

Hello John34, welcome to the forum!!

I would not extend the length of the CT wires if accuracy is a main concern. If you are using your meter as a monitoring tool only

Our CTs come with 6 foot leads. CTs with extended wire length lose about 1% accuracy every 50'. We cannot certify accuracy when you do this. It is ideal to locate the meter and CTs at the power system you are monitoring and then you can go long distance with the RS485 communications – USB, iSerial, Push, etc., if applicable. Of course if the 1% difference is not an issue for your situation then extending the CT wires may work fine for you.

If you must do this I would recommend at the very least, that you solder the wire leads together to get the most intimate contact possible.

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