EKM Dash - Real time chart update requested

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EKM Dash - Real time chart update requested

Post by pvanmastrigt »

Dear EKM developers,

Not sure if anyone has asked yet, so here is my question: would it be possible to plot other parameters in the Real Time Chart, i.e. not Voltage or Power, but instead I would like to plot my water usage (Pulse 1 in my case) - or better still, the pulse count / day to avoid an ever increasing plot.

Appreciate advice,

With regards

Piet van Mastrigt.

My installation:
EKM iSerial v.2 TCP/IP Ethernet to RS-485 Serial Converter
EKM Omnimeter Pulse v.4 - Pulse Counting, Relay Controlling, Universal Smart Electric Meter
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Re: EKM Dash - Real time chart update requested

Post by Jameson »

Thank you for your request. Because you are reading your meters with an iSerial (not an EKM Push), the Dash will not plot your Pulse Counts in the summary chart.

If you had an EKM Push meter you could plot your water use in the summary chart. This is because the EKM Dash pulls data directly from the EKM Push Summary API (which took a lot of resources to create), and in order to plot your iSerial data we would have to recreate summary data within your EKM Dash (which it turns out is difficult, we were able to do it with kWh data though it was a painful process). It will take us a while to get to that point as we have quite a bit we would like to improve in the Dash first. I would either recommend an EKM Push or suggest some excel wizardry to plot your data. I want this too, believe me, so it is on the roadmap. I am just not sure when we will get to it :?

Thanks again.
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