Data Types

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Data Types

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I have constructed my own database that records the 1-minute measurements of all data types available from my meters. I'm currently using six meters to monitor a very large building.

The meters I am using: OmniMeter II UL v.3

In reference to using API for calling meter readings… There are data types that are not listed in the literature that have appeared when calling data from my meters. The data types are,”PERR.RXP” and “PERR.NR”.

Are these data types new?
What do these data types represent?
Why do they show up for some meters, but not all?
What is the frequency of the data type measurements (how often are they measured)?

Please give me as much information you know about these data types.

Thank you!
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Re: Data Types

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These are errors. Perr.NR (No Response from meter). Perr.RXP - serial parity error

Please make sure your EKM Push is connected to the internet and is contacting our server (in that case the errors above would be live). If the errors are live and you are still seeing these errors you can try looking at these steps:

-The twisted pair wire is loose or not properly connected at either the EKM Push gateway or the meter.
-The twisted pair wire is connected backwards, make sure you have RS485 A on the EKM Push gateway connected to RS485 A on the meter; and RS485 B on the EKM Push gateway connected to RS485 B on the meter.
-Make sure that the Omnimeter number is marked with the intended meter number.
-Make sure the Omnimeter is powered up.
-If you have more that one EKM Push, make sure your meter is connected to the EKM Push it is assigned to. Your meters have a unique Meter Number and the EKM Pushes have a unique MAC Address, please make sure these are matched. The Meter Number to Push MAC address pairings are in your EKM Push credential email.

If you are unsure, please send multiple clear photos of the connections to the meters and Push.

More information here: ... r-ekm-push
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