Actual Engine Fuel (Diesel/petrol) Consumption Meter?

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Actual Engine Fuel (Diesel/petrol) Consumption Meter?

Post by accofranco »

I would like to know if you can produce a diesel/petrol fuel
consumption meter that will measure the quantity of diesel in liters
or gallons, which a truck consumes as the truck engine runs either
when the truck is static or in motion. I want the meter to take signal
from the truck's diesel supply line to the engine so as to be able to
measure the exact amount of diesel the truck consumes as the engine

Please kindly let me know if your company can produce this device for us?

Thanks in anticipation of your urgent response.
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Re: Actual Engine Fuel (Diesel/petrol) Consumption Meter?

Post by Seth »

Thanks for considering us for this!

At this time we are focusing on water, gas (in a gaseous form...) and electricity for our meters. You may want to search elsewhere for liquid diesel/petrol/gasoline consumption meters.



EKM Metering
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