Push Pro Cloud db config

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Push Pro Cloud db config

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Is it possible to configure the Push Pro to send meter data to a different cloud database? let's say I setup my own cloud database and I want the data to flow into that one.

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Re: Push Pro Cloud db config

Post by Jameson »

Hello Paul,

At this point it will be best to use the EKM Push database as a bounce point for your data. As soon as it comes in you suck it out and put it in your own database.

We do not want to control your data, so we would very much like to be able to offer our customers the functionality of sending the data to their own database. This is something that will be a while before we can free up the development resources to implement. That way we will not handle your meter data. But for now the best will be to grab your meter data from our database, it comes in raw .xml.

In the future, we would like to be able to hand you a package of tools to setup your own server cluster with the caveat that it is not a trivial system to manage. I would think this should only be of interest to customers that manage a lot of meters.

The Push system will be free for once a minute reads. We will store the latest 1000 reads. We do not want you to depend on us for long term data storage. You can retrieve from our database once a minute. This can be as often as once a second, but seeing as you will have once a minute data, once a minute retrieval should be sufficient. If you do not need once a minute reads from the EKM Push then you could have us change the read rate (we can do that remotely here) and you could read your usage once an hour, for instance, which would give you access to more than a month of reads online...

By developing the EKM Push system, we are trying to give our customers, easy, reliable, fast, free, and secure access to their data from a known, fixed location.

More info at the Developer Portal on our website here: http://www.ekmmetering.com/developer-portal

Developer's Sandbox on our forum: http://forum.ekmmetering.com/viewforum.php?f=4
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