encompass.io – First Impressions?

This discussion is intended to be about the new web application for EKM Push users at http://www.encompass.io that has been beta released. Use this discussion to talk about your experiences with Encompass, including what works, what doesn't, and what could be added or improved.
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Re: encompass.io – First Impressions?

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To Kailua above, sorry I missed this. But as far as I know v.4 meters are good now in encompass as far as electricity data is concerned. Their kWh values are properly displayed. Pulse Counts and how they are displayed are currently bubbling away in vials in our lab. We hope to have them ready in the next release :mrgreen: Thanks,

To Zaaphod,

Thanks again for a very well thought out and precise description of your experience.
particularly like seperate Amp guages for L1 and L2
Yes, I like the idea of being able to calibrate widgets to each other, or to define their ranges manually. Right now with the gauge widgets for example we try to find the operable range for a given metered value and then give the range based on this. But like you are saying, if your metered values are 1, 10, and 100 your gauge widgets could look funny when placed next to each other. We will put this request in the hopper.
is scroll through and zoom through charts...
History of real-time data is challenging to do within encompass as our EKM Push real-time API only stores the latest 1000 meter reads. We try to use our summary data to look at history: http://forum.ekmmetering.com/viewtopic. ... =api#p6235
So all of the data is there (chunked and compressed into 15 minute segments rather than your 1 read per minute) it is just a matter of how to display it.
The EKM Dash may be a better place to implement a history zoom if you want to see all data as your EKM Dash does store all data as it comes in. That is why you can set your real-time chart to 10,000 reads for example. I imagine this is doable, but will have to look at what it will take. For now I would say, export the data to a spreadsheet and plot the results or use the summary API above with a .csv call to get the information you are looking for. The summary API is hugely powerful and we have not really even rolled it out yet.
I really like the Info / goal widget
Yes, displaying quantity values in $ makes a lot of sense to us humans. It is a value we can relate to. Real-time $ as it relates to watts (You are using $.27 per minute of electricity) would also be good. There will be more of this moving forward I am sure.
might be possible to label certain power events...
What you are talking about here is called energy disaggregation. This is the realm of data scientists, big data, machine learning, and an entire industry in and of itself. Our data sets are perfect for this and compared to what these guys are used to using (day old 15 minute data from the utility company) using our data would be a dream. We have dipped our toe into this, but it is not for the faint of heart. Is that 1000 watt spike a toaster or a light circuit? If watts goes up by 2500 and volts on line 1 drops by 8.4 volts, what does that mean? Its tricky! :ugeek:

Bidgely and Plottwatt would be good examples.
display L1+L2 Volts... or other formulas,
Me too! A calculated values widget would be sweet! It is really just a UI/UX issue at this point. It may be more appropriate for a standalone piece of software or web-widget than encompass. We have thought about this and which permutations to include. We have had enough trouble just getting the group aggregated view to work in encompass. So thinking of "Add Meter A to Meter B and subtract Meter C" for a given time period, and what happens if the read rates are different, etc keeps me awake at night! :lol:

Thanks again, and keep the ideas coming!
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