ekm metering iserial v2

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ekm metering iserial v2

Post by watata »

I have a problem with ekm iserial v.2
kernel V1.44.3 2012/05/09

can i upgrade the firmware?
how can i do it?
because i dont find where...

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Re: ekm metering iserial v2

Post by Jameson »

It depends on how old your iSerial is. The older versions did not allow an upgrade. If you can upgrade, you can try this process:


First download the new iSerial firmware here (file is called nu_flashapp): http://documents.ekmmetering.com/iSeria ... ashapp.bin

Then log into your iSerial using a PC with either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Or Firefox on Mac OSX.

Click on Firmware Update

If it asks for a password enter "admin"

iSerial will erase flash which takes a few seconds.

Use the browse button to find the image that you downloaded (called nu_flashapp.bin or nu_flashapp)

Open or Select nu_flashapp.bin and click "Update"

Wait at least a minute.
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