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Re: Direction of Current

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The Omnimeter I v.3 does not report back the direction of the current in real-time. It will report back watts and Total kWh (forward + reverse kWh) and Reverse kWh. From this you can make interpretations of which direction the current is flowing in (much easier if you have high current). You can do this by noting if both the Total kWh register is incrementing and the Reverse kWh is incrementing (meaning that there is Reverse Current Flow). Or if the Total kWh register is incrementing but the Reverse kWh register is not incrementing (meaning that there is only Forward Current Flow). But there is not a good way to determine direction of current in real time.

The only meter we have that will return the direction of current in real-time, is our EKM-Omnimeter Pulse v.4. This meter returns current, watts, and volts on each line and well as direction of current on each line in real-time. This way you can know from moment to moment what the direction of current and how many watts are flowing in either Forward or Reverse. If you need this we would recommend the EKM-Omnimeter Pulse v.4:

You cannot reset the kWh registers of the Omnimeter I v.3 to zero (for revenue grade reasons). The EKM-Omnimeter Pulse v.4 however, has a separate "Resettable Kilowatt Hour" register. This is separate from the Total Kilowatt Hour register (which is not resettable). We have not yet implemented the ability to reset the "Resettable Kilowatt Hour" register in the EKM Dash software.

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