Dash Feature request

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Dash Feature request

Post by Wouter » Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:55 pm

Love the new Dash. Haven't done much with my meters for a while. Took them all down before an inspector came. Didn't want to scare him.

Just starting to put them all up.


Would like the gathered data gets written to a .csv or text file after each read from the meters... would save a lot of coding and allow uses to mess with data on their own. Will also allow a history of > 1000 reads.

Thanks again,


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Re: Dash Feature request

Post by Jameson » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:10 am

Hello Wouter.

We would also like to add the ability to update a dynamic .csv file with every new meter read. We do not have this now.

For now you can manually export your meter data to a .csv file. You can select the meter numbers you want to see, the metered values you want to export, and the time frame (this can be well over 1000 reads if you want). The "export" function is under the File menu item.

We think the dynamic .csv file would be a good way for users to extract data from the EKM Dash to manipulate it how they want to.

If you have and EKM Push and are running Excel on a PC you can use this: http://documents.ekmmetering.com/Import ... _Excel.pdf

Keep the suggestions coming :D

Best regards,

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