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Post by nielo » Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:42 pm

I have two EKM "Smart" meters installed at my home. One measures the power from my solar panels and one measures power to and from my home. I've had both meters installed since late 2013 and have been collecting data ever since. A few days ago I thought I'd compare the Utility readings to mine in order to verify accuracy of both. The idea is if the utility values agree with mine, both systems are accurate within the disagreement. For instance, if my values are 99% of the utility values I can be relatively confident that neither the utility or I am off by more that 1%. Of course the utility isn't measuring power from my solar panels, but they do measure power I export to them so I can do some arithmetic and see how my data compares to utility data. One other nugget is my utility reads my meter once a month and both the date and the time of the reading varies. Seeing as how I don't know exactly when they read the meter I need to take the data over a long period of time so that differences between when my meters are read and the utility read its meter are swamped out. Ok, a long preamble but I'm trying to be complete. :)

Regardless, the EKM meters appear to be pretty accurate, disagreeing with the utility by less than 0.5% worst case over any 12 month or greater period of time.

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Re: Accuracy

Post by Jameson » Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:19 am

Hello Nielo,

Great to hear that your utility meter and the EKM Meter were so close to each other. How many kWh did you measure in that time?

Our meters are actually held to a much higher standard than the utility meters need to be. Our revenue grade Omnimeters are 0.5% accurate, whereas utility meters are only required to be 2.0% accurate.

Thank you so much for running this experiment :lol:

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