Meter stopped reading

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Meter stopped reading

Post by wweverett »

Hello all,

MY meter (v3) was reading fine for the last week it stopped on the 26th, internet is still working but not reading any power consumption. When I look at the meter it shows all the digits lit up. Light is still flashing green.



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Re: Meter stopped reading

Post by Jameson »

Hello Walter,

Thank you for reaching out on the forum.

It sounds like you might be reading your Omnimeters with an EKM Push, is that correct? Do you have an EKM Push2 or an EKM Push3 gateway? Do you also have a USB converter?

First make sure you do not have any loose connections at either the RS485 communication device (USB Converter or EKM Push gateway) and at each of your Omnimeters. Make sure you have RS485 A on the communication device wired to RS485 port A on all of your meters. Also make sure you have RS485 B on the communication device wired to RS485 port B on all of your meters. You do not need to use RS485 ground. Please send us photos of these RS485 connections so we can see if there are any issues.

If you have checked this and you still have communication issues. Try only connecting to the first meter in your RS485 chain. Physically disconnect all other meters in the chain by disconnecting the RS485 wires. Then try to read just one meter.

If this does not work for some reason try only reading the second meter in the chain.

If you do also have a USB converter, I would try reading your meter with this as well.

Did you experience any anomalies or electrical storms on the day of October 26th, or anything else that would have caused your meter or Push to stop reading the meter?

The more information you can provide surrounding the circumstances and what you have tried, the better!
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