Best site to order parts for water meter?

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Best site to order parts for water meter?

Post by Zonno »

There is a job opening at a utility company that I’m interested in, but they have an agility test that all applicants must pass in order to be considered for employment. One of the events is a ‘Pipe Fitting Assembly’, which starts at 5:15 of the following video:

I’d like to order each of these parts, so that I can practice assembling and disassembling on my own in preparation for the test. If you pause at 5:17, you get a clear view of the board. The two 2-bolt flanges, flange gasket(s), bolts and nuts I believe I can order from this site: ... gJuTvD_BwE

I’m still trying to find the other pieces. It seems there are different types of bush couplings and meter couplings, and I want to get the ones identical to the ones in this video. I’m assuming the two meter couplings would also need to be 2” by 1”, and the nipple (the silver piece) would need to be 2”.

It may be I could easily find these parts in any hardware store, but I don’t have any experience or knowledge in this area, so I want to make sure I order the right parts.

You may be wondering why I’m applying for this job if I know so little about this. This is a trainee job, so although past experience is preferred, a high school diploma and driver’s license is all that’s required. Plus, a CDL is required after one year, and I already have a CDL (I’ve been told this can put a person on top of the hire list at many utility companies). This would be a solid career path if I could get hired (starts at $18 per hour and pays over $30 hourly after 4 years, not to mention good benefits).
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Re: Best site to order parts for water meter?

Post by Jameson »

Hello Zonno,

Thank you for reaching out. We do not supply the flanged fitting parts you are looking for. If I were you I would start by asking my local water company, they might have lots of these pieces and parts lying around that they could loan to you. The next place I would try would be a local plumbing supply house (more professional grade than your local hardware store which probably would not carry this kind of a part). Hopefully you can find what you need without too much hassle!

Best of luck on getting hired at your new position, if I heard that you went to the trouble of finding plumbing parts to practice on, your resume/application would jump to the top of the pile! I think it is a really good idea. Again, good luck and let us know if you need anything in the future.

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