1-second timeslices on Encompass.io?

This discussion is intended to be about the new web application for EKM Push users at http://www.encompass.io that has been beta released. Use this discussion to talk about your experiences with Encompass, including what works, what doesn't, and what could be added or improved.
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1-second timeslices on Encompass.io?

Post by johndoe531 »

I am using an OmniMeter UL v4 with a PUSH3 (beta) unit to characterize power demand from small appliances (laundry machines, hot tubs, etc.) and would like to obtain graphs of instantaneous watt/amp demand with 1-second resolution.

I tried setting up an Encompass.io account & connecting my PUSH3 / meter to it. So far I am only able to obtain 1-minute timeslice graphs. These are too choppy for my needs. Is there a way for me to change a setting somewhere or "zoom in" to the Encompass usage charts to see energy use on a second-by-second basis?

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Re: 1-second timeslices on Encompass.io?

Post by Jameson »

The only way to get 1-second resolution data into encompass is to send your meter data to the cloud every second. The EKM Push2 and EKM Push3 send the data to the cloud once per minute by default.

We can actually read meters as fast as once/second via the EKM Push3 system. However, because of the increased data load per meter, we can not offer a faster read rate than once/minute for free.
Here is what we charge for faster rates per meter, billed annually:
60 sec. - Free
30 sec. - $2/month
20 sec. - $3/month
10 sec. - $6/month
5 sec. - $12/month
1 sec. - $25/month
This is a relatively new offering for us so we can only commit to these rates for a year.
Also, if you have 5-10 meters being read by one EKM Push gateway, the fastest you could read those meters is every 5-10 seconds, because only one meter can be read at a time by each gateway. Here is a page where you can sign up for faster read rates: https://www.ekmmetering.com/pages/subscription


There are a couple of alternatives if you do not want to pay the monthly data fee:

1. Use the EKM Dash software. With the EKM Dash software reading your meter using a USB converter, you can read your meters as fast as once per second.

2. If you have an EKM Push3 gateway, there is a local API to the data at the "fast as possible" read rate. (this does not work with Push2):

This is a bit experimental and not as well tested as our other APIs, so please let us know if you see any issues.

Here is the format of the call, note that it uses a gateway key not an account key, the gateway key can be found in the Meter Account UI or on the Push3 gateway web UI. The gateway-local-IP-address can also be found in the Meter Account UI:


Here is an example of a call that works (local LAN IP only): ... 4&count=10

This will return the latest 10 reads from the Push3 (once per second data) in json format, the count is adjustable up to thousands.

key (required): The gateway key
meters (optional): A list of one or more meters. Default is all meters.
start (optional): The start timestamp (inclusive) in milliseconds
end (optional): The end timestamp (inclusive) in milliseconds
count (optional): The max number of readings in returned data. Default is 1.
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Re: 1-second timeslices on Encompass.io?

Post by johndoe531 »

That's a thorough, complete & clear explanation covering all current options for 1-second data, as well as pricing for sub-60-second cloud polling intervals.

In my case I think it will suffice to just do local LAN API calls directly to the PUSH3 device.

Thanks for your reply.
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