Push3 Power Supply Limit

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Push3 Power Supply Limit

Post by sensorweb »

Push3 is listed with maximum supply voltage of 24V (nominal). Is this the absolute maximum for safe operation; for example - will 27.0 VDC be unsafe and likely to cause damage?

Is there a TVS or similar on the power input? If I limit input current above 24V, what input current is safe?
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Re: Push3 Power Supply Limit

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I would not go above 24VDC on the power input of the EKM Push3 gateway. If you have 27VDC I would use a DC to DC converter to lower the voltage to 12VDC. Something like this:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/166567285240?i ... UOau-oLeYw

or this:

https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Yizhet-LM259 ... 716&sr=8-3

I dont think 27VDC would damage the Push3 right away, but it would probably shorten the life of the Push3.
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